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Company Introduction

IBO Registration and Management Regulations

IBO Registration and Management Regulations


1. This Regulation governs the fundamental matters governed by PT GEMMA Korea(hereinafter referred to as the company) and must be approved by the joining IBO.
2. This Management Policy, together with other regulations, is considered part of the terms and conditions of the IBO Feasibility Agreement.
3. If the company's IBO violates the provisions of this Management Regulation, the company reserves the right to restrict or repeal the rights granted to the infringer by warning, suspension and termination of the Regulation.
4. IBO must be aware and comply with company management rules.
5. The Company reserves the right to change the policies and procedures for business operations. If there are any changes, the IBO will be notified via the company's website page.


Chapter 1: General Provisions


[Article 1] Purpose
This regulation contains joint provisions between PT GEMMA Korea (hereinafter referred to as "the company") and IBO GEMMA Korea (hereinafter referred to as "IBO") to sell PT GEMMA Korea (hereinafter referred to as "products"). By adhering to this principle, the company aims to build a healthy and correct distribution culture which can further build mutual prosperity between the company and IBO.


[Article 2] Scope of Application of Rules
The Company's IBO is subject to the provisions of this rule, except those governed by other IBO Management.


[Article 3] Applicable Laws
The company is based in Korea and all transactions, member login, and website are also based in Korea. Therefore, every individual must have to ensure that there is no legal problem in the country where he lives. Upon entering the country, we apply the relevant laws to the country concerned.


[Article 4] Entry into force
This rule applies to all IBOs listed as IBO companies


Chapter 2: IBO Registration


[Article 5] Terms of IBO
Age, education, career, profession, gender, religion, or other physical disability. However, registrations are limited to those not in accordance with Article 6.


[Article 6] Limits on IBO Registration
Registration is limited to the following people.
1. A person recognized by law as a legitimate or incapable (hereinafter referred to as "incompetent", meaning verbally unable to convey accurate information).
2. A person who is in a prison or a national rehabilitation institution
3. Persons under 18 years of age at enrollment
4. Legal entity


[Article 7] New IBO Registration
1. All IBOs must be registered with their real names and the company accepts only the requirements of the registered supervisor (can not claim the rights of others after signing the loan name).

2. The new IBO is a registered person based on the registered IBO recommendations.
3. When registering IBO, you must enter it yourself. Problems that arise when an
 error occurs in registration made by an IBO representative are the responsibility of the IBO itself.
4. If you send a copy of your ID card and a copy of your account to the registered IBO, you can not change your membership by sending a copy of your identity and bank account to others.


[Article 8] of the Agreement of the Status of IBO
IBO eligibility applies if registered applicants have received a unique IBO ID number from the company and IBO's position is company policy only.


[Article 9] Understanding IBO
IBOs that are registered in the company are independent IBOs independently assessing and deciding on business plans and compensation systems open to the company, as well as merchandise which, in the opinion of each IBO, is profitable to conduct legally accountable business activities.


[Article 10] Management of IBO Owned Information
IBO should clearly state their personal details and recommendations in accordance with certain procedures at registration. Responsibility for errors is the responsibility of each interested party. In addition, the IBO should promptly notify the company of any changes made to personal information (address, phone number, etc.) and data errors are the responsibility of each party.


Chapter 3: IBO Obligations


[Article 11] Obligation to Know and Convey the Right Information
The Company provides general terms and company product information at the time of IBO registration. Therefore, the IBO must know all the rules and official information in the company, then forward them without damaging or exaggerating the content.


[Article 12] Obligations in Sales Activities
All IBOs are responsible for the honesty and accuracy of the information conveyed after trying out the products themselves. In addition, all IBOs must leave contacts to sub-IBOs or merchants who sell their products.


[Article 13] Full Training Support
All IBOs will receive full IBO training as one of the advantages provided by the company. This training should be given to lower level IBOs and companies are responsible for training and education for IBOs.


[Article 14] Taxpayer Obligations
All IBOs must fulfill their tax responsibilities in accordance with Korean tax laws if they earn income through the sale of company products.

[Article 15] Obligation to Comply with Related Laws and Regulations
All IBOs are deemed to have pledged to IBO's Management Policy and approved the company's rules at the time of registration. Therefore, IBO must comply with relevant laws and regulations in conducting business activities.


Chapter 4: The Status and Activity of the IBO


[Article 16] IBO Distribution
IBO is divided into active and inactive members, depending on the sales performance and the liveliness of the members. If the IBO has not updated the resume during the last 6 months or if there is only one additional activity, you will be classified as an inactive member.


[Article 17] Renewal of Position
An extension of the rights will be made if the IBO renews it every year from the date of registration. In addition, inactive members will lose their accumulated earnings and retirement will be retained. When the IBO makes a resale or one other activity, they will be paid only counted from that day.


[Article 18] Assignment and Inheritance of IBO Rights
This Regulation will be transferred and inherited (by inheritance law) in accordance with the laws and regulations applicable in each country where you reside.


Chapter 5: Prohibition of IBO


[Article 19] Forced IBO Registration and Business Contracts
Forcing IBOs to join or sell and force them to stop or disrupt contracts.


[Article 20] Action Charging
An IBO or participant wishing to register into an IBO charges or charges on behalf of a subscription selling tool, personal fees, training fees, etc.As well as funds for recruiting or sponsoring other IBOs.


[Article 21] Join the IBO Without Consent
The act of enrolling an IBO member without the consent of a particular person, or receiving a copy of an identity card and a passbook for other purposes, such as insurance, to join IBO.


[Article 22] False Advertising and Negligence in Information Submission
Negligence in conveying information about the company's products and payment standards, whether in the form of inaccurate or exaggerated information. In addition, including if the IBO does not contact back after the sale of the product or if only send the product without following up.


[Article 23] Supports Lucky / Gambling and Product Price Discounts
Promote revenue payments standards from companies and encourage people to invest in large quantities in order to make a lot of money just by joining the company. In addition, it also affects people who can not conduct sale and purchase transactions (students, minors, parents, people who can not afford, etc.) by selling the price of the company's products.


[Article 24] Mass Media Advertising Action
1. It is prohibited to advertise products through the media on behalf of the company without the consent of the company, or to produce and distribute print advertisements related to the company.
2. Selling products or recruiting IBO for an unspecified number of people.


[Article 25] Line Changes
The act of altering a command line, using a pseudonym or nickname, or encouraging a change of line in any form, for an established organizational structure of IBO, regardless of the inability of that member.


[Article 26] Abuse of Position and Obligation to Support Training
Using IBO's level of position to criticize lower IBOs openly through verbal abuse and critical comments without training / education on IBO's abilities.


[Article 27] Defamation Against Companies and IBOs
By deliberately defaming companies and IBOs or disclosing facts in public and private places that can damage the honor of both.


[Article 28] Registration and Other Companies' IBO Activities
1. If an IBO promotes or sells a product or conducts business in another company that undermines performance as an IBO, especially if there is a board of directors involved in another company's business, the company will immediately terminate the IBO's position.
2. Provide education to IBOs that are not related to business (such as current circumstances, political opinion) or sell training materials without permission from the company.


[Article 29] Purchase or Intimidation Without Reason
Buying products at an unreasonable amount for the purpose of raising or receiving benefits from a person or partner, as well as intimidating IBO members of lower levels.


[Article 30] Return of Goods
1. The act of destroying some of the products or terminating the relationship with the purpose of delaying and blocking IBO return process leading to the delay in the use of the product.
2. The act of returning or exchanging goods without the consent of IBO.
3. Deliberate and organized acts accumulate to return goods by reason of moving to another company or other reasons.


 [Article 31] Transfer of IBO Status
Negotiate and transfer status of IBO.


[Article 32] Financial Transactions and Delivery of Goods
It is forbidden to cash or disrupt financial transactions between IBOs without trading goods, or not delivering goods after sale.


[Article 33] Impersonation of Company Employee Identity and Exclusive Rights
Impersonate employees or misidentify employees as members of the company's IBO. Includes also imitating the company's product as another company's product and imitating the exclusive marketing rights or the company's local monopoly.


[Article 34] The scandal between the Company and IBO
The action does not comply with the company's business rules by filing individual demands, interrupting business, and creating harassment or violence in the company's business. Including acts of violence in the center of education, such as riots, harsh conversations, and captivity.


[Article 35] Establishment of Other Organizations within the Company
Group formation within the sales organization for other purposes (business outside company, friendship, etc.) and use of other names openly or prioritize group goals compared to the company. Including the actions of collecting IBO and influencing members of the same level.


[Article 36] Other Unusual Business Activities, such as Joining Together, Escrowing, etc.
Activities such as escape by leaving the business, gathering two or more people in groups, then doing other business, including knowing and supporting the activity.


[Article 37] Unresponsible IBO
Ask for disciplinary action from other IBOs without specific evidence and lodge a collective signature in the wrong way. This includes advocating the elimination of disciplinary action by reason of misunderstanding and conflict resolution after a complaint to the company.


[Article 38] Unethical Business Attitude
1. Adultery, blurred because of family disagreement, other inter-IBO unethical behavior.
If you experience personal problems like the above that could damage or eliminate good corporate image and IBO, then you can disable IBO status.
2. Make mistakes in IBO registration and sales activities.


[Article 39] Misuse of Money (Subject to Sales Credit Card)
For IBOs who commit misuse of funds from the sale, either replacing the company's card to the card itself or others, will be subject to the following specific rules.


1. Perpetrators
① IBO who embezzled funds
② The recommended IBO has a high position
③ Borrowing credit cards and receiving misappropriation of funds (actions as  lenders)
④ A case when IBO does not conduct a sale and purchase activity under the pretext of approving and accepting embezzlement (IBO who misappropriated cash funds)


Rate of Violation Type of Violation Sanctions
A 1. Revealed misappropriation of funds that enter the company twice in a month.
2. Embarking money and disconnecting communication.
3. The offender changed the address and moved to another company.
4. The IBO acknowledges the inclusion of misused IBO returns, but refuses to return them.
5. The company is reported about cash receipts by government agency complaints agents.
Deletion of name
B 1. The new IBO is requested by a higher IBO to submit the money prior to registration via credit card aimed at bailing out the funds.
2. The IBO receives the misused funds after the 15 day reporting deadline at the company.
3. In relation to the point of Level B of paragraph 2, the same sanction applies to the case of high IBO perpetrators of embezzlement of funds that have not been uncovered until the second tier.
4. Cases of fraud, either by any method or other personal reasons. (Especially the case with the time bound due reason of the bank without any previous negotiations)
30-day suspension
C 1. The embezzling IBO funds have settled the case within 7 days after the report.
2. The IBO who has received the deviation fund, then settled his case within 7 days through mutual agreement.
3. The act of embezzling funds and credit card lending to include any funds that have been misappropriated (sanctions will be adjusted for each case if the IBO lending the credit card or the cardholder is not a corporate IBO).
1. The embezzlement IBO admits itself and requests an internal investigation (submit an error statement).
2. The case has been resolved 10 days after receiving the embezzled funds.
3. IBOs who buy in cash before receiving returns request assistance to the embezzling IBO.
10 days suspension

2. Application of the rules in detail is explained in the following points.
① This Regulation shall come into force since the confirmation of evidence of violation after receipt of complaint to the company.
② If within the period specified in the above provision is not reached and the case can not be resolved, the next steps will be applied.
③ IBOs who have committed two or more offenses to earn cash benefits under the above rules will be treated as Level A (name deletion).
④ IBOs warned against embezzlement may be issued within a certain period of time after the decision of the IBO Management Regulation pursuant to Article 41 (IBO disqualification).
⑤ If the statement received is a false or altered statement.
⑥ In case of any embezzlement of funds any IBO should help each other solve the problem.
⑦ If a credit card refund is withdrawn after processing the application and the IBO application is rejected, then the company will not be responsible for the return of the credit card.


Chapter 6: Warning and Termination of IBO


[Article 40] Warning
If the IBO does not comply with IBO restrictions or violates IBO management rules, then the company will provide warnings against the IBO.


[Article 41] Provisions of IBO Termination
1. IBO status suspended if:
① IBOs commit serious offenses and cause major problems.
② The IBO who was first warned, but retaliated (although the breach is different).
③ IBO re-enrolls into a company with another name and conducts business activities before the 6 month deadline after termination and cancellation of the contract.

2. The Company may immediately terminate the contract without prior warning if IBO commits a serious offense. However, the company will notify the IBO of the violation it has committed.

3. IBO eligible termination of the contract, both regular and high IBO level will be subject to a minimum suspension of one month up to a maximum of two years.

4. The IBO subject to suspension loses the right as the following IBO:
① Purchased goods and authorized as an IBO
② Recommend a new IBO
③ Gain income and benefits, based on the allowance interval obtained.

5. In granting a suspension to IBO, the Company equally assesses the severity of the facts of violations committed by the IBO whether the recognition is true, its responsibility for education of honesty, and managerial accountability as a leader. Penalties will be imposed, both for upper and lower level IBOs

6. Matters Related to IBO Suspension Disabled For Six Months
① For a period of 6 months (without sales and bonuses), the IBO functionality is suspended and its position is removed from the company structure. In addition, log-in rights to the company logins page (login), bonus payments, and other regular IBO powers are temporarily suspended.
② During 6 months of inactivity, work due to vacant positions is managed on a regularly distributed basis (when calculating monthly salary bonus or Batch Job) each month.
③ Even though the organization chart has an empty position, the recommended sub-IBO level does not automatically change. However recommended the person submits that the organization chart has a vacant position because of an inactive status status, the member's status can not be automatically changed without the knowledge of other sub-sellers for violating ethics.
④ A previously empty status IBO in the company structure may appoint new supporters and recommenders, then re-register if they wish to reapply.

Chapter 7: Withdrawal, Cancellation Terms and Loss of Contract


[Article 42] Resignation
IBO, regardless of the consideration of anyone, may file a resignation.


[Article 43] Conditions of Cancellation and Loss of Contract
1. The IBO who resigns from the company will automatically cancel its IBO position and lose all related matters (with the company).

2. The position of IBO will be lost if it falls into any of the following points.
① As a result of breach of the rules, if within 10 days after the first anniversary has not submitted a report and letter of apology, or the return of documents due to errors in recording or change of address without prior notice shall be regarded as insubordination.
② Commits a retrieval after the first warning.
3. The Company may cancel the IBO position without prior warning or cancellation procedures for IBOs that result in severe criticism / scandal. The IBO terminated shall be deemed to be in full reliance with the enterprise which is bound by law and all rights as IBO can not be reused.
4. The company, in this case to the canceled IBO's position including the top-level IBO, equally assesses the severity of the facts of the violations committed by the IBO whether the recognition is true, its responsibility for education of honesty, and managerial accountability as a leader. Penalties will be imposed, both for high and low level IBOs.


[Article 44] IBO Re-Registration
1. The IBO losing its position, either by resigning, disciplinary action, or other reasons, may reapply as a new IBO (lowest position) up to 180 days after leaving the company.
2. For IBOs who are discharged due to disciplinary action, the company may permanently refuse the registration of the IBO.

Other Rules
1. Payment System Bonus by Level Difference
IBM's bonus payment system PT Gemma Korea based on the level of sales records is not emphasized to IBO as a sales achievement goal. Each IBO has its own business plan and capabilities in line with its main sales goals.

2. Regulations Regarding Return of Goods
(1) Bringing identity (KTP, SIM)
(2) Product transaction details to be returned
(3) Proof of seal / sign (the purpose of submission of return)
(4) Withdrawal application form
(5) Products that are damaged or can not be resold

3. IBO may at any time apply for an exit and the company shall not impose any conditions (see Rule 22 of 4).

4. IBO Obligations
(1) IBO Candidate must make the registration process first in our company.
(2) When conducting sales transactions to retail customers, the "booking and receipt form" before signing on the contract agreement written on the duty note should be filled in correctly.
(3) Where a retail customer exercises the right to withdraw sales in a mutually agreed upon sale of product contracts, "order form and receipt" shall be made of two copies for retail customers and retained by IBO for more than six months.

5. Submission of IBO Withdrawal
For IBOs who have paid the bonus when applying for withdrawal, the company may apply for a refund and the associated IBO shall return the bonus to the company.

6. Prohibition on Transfer and Takeover in Sales Structure
Prohibited from moving or taking over the sales structure and ranking of IBO. However, this does not apply to inherit the status of IBO nor in the case of transfer, transfer or business combination.

7. Prohibition for IBO
IBO is not allowed to take the following actions during its activities as an IBO in our company.
(1) Forcing the contract of sale of goods, etc. Or influence the other party with the intention of withdrawing the subscription or terminating the contract.
(2) Delivering false or excessive facts to encourage transactions with others by using deceptive or misleading information.
(3) Withdraw money from prospective members of IBO beyond the prescribed level, regardless of name or form.
(4) Provide bonuses to IBO for sub-IBO recruitment itself or to pay economic benefits other than sponsors for no reason.
(5) Change address, phone number, etc. For the purpose of blocking contract termination, withdrawal of subscriptions, etc.
(6) Neglecting for long periods of time due to lack of manpower or equipment needed for handling problems and complaints, and making others uncomfortable.
(7) Distributing goods unilaterally even if no other party's offer, then demanding payment of goods, etc. Such as touting goods to other parties or selling goods to a lower IBO.
(8) Forcing consumers to buy goods or force offers by phone, photocopying, or communicating via computer even though they have indicated that they do not want to buy them.
(9) IBO uses its position as sub-IBO using its social status or forcing IBOs to purchase goods and the like from sub-IBO.
(10) Imposing mandatory training, stay, etc. Against an IBO candidate even
         though it is not desirable.
(11) Conducting activities as an IBO although not registered as an IBO.
(12) Use information about consumers outside the scope of their permission
         or without their permission.
(13) Moving or taking over the sales structure and ranking of IBO. However,
         this does not apply to inherit the status of IBO nor in the case of
         transfer, transfer or business combination.
(14) When you register your IBO, you are required to use a personal
         savings book. The Company will take disciplinary action if the wrong
         book is used.
(15) Violates other acts listed in the Fair Trade Commission rules governing
         the prevention of consumer law and safety violations.


Information Regarding the Collection, Use and Provision of Information


1. Personal Information Collected
   - Name, identity, password, email, phone number, address, bank account number
2. Purpose of Data Collection
   - Name, identity, password: verification process
   - Email, phone number: delivery notification, invoice, goods delivery accuracy
   - Bank account number: payment, completion of purchase of goods, refund
3. Retention Period Personal Information Collected
   - Deposit or withdrawal deposit: 5 years
   - Storage of payment and offer of goods: 5 years
   - Storage of consumer complaints or disputes: 3 years
4. Processing of Personal Information for Consignment
   - Delivery of order goods: Booking information to the courier company, shipping  information