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Company Introduction

IBO Standard Rules

IBO Standard Rules


PT GEMMA KOREA promotes wisdom and pride in its business activities. By committing to building the right business and protecting consumers, the following points should be referred to the Ethics Committee in the event of an offense. Disciplinary action is carried out in accordance with the decision to the IBO and the senior employee concerned. This penalty is valid from ten days to six months, depending on the level of violation committed.

1. IBO PT GEMMA Korea is prohibited to register other people as its sub-IBO without their consent.
2. IBO PT GEMMA Korea does not enroll anyone who is not eligible to apply for IBO, such as public officials, teachers, minors, and students.
3. IBO PT GEMMA Korea will not change address, phone number, etc. Or use power to another party for the purpose of terminating the contract with the sale of goods, or withdrawal and termination of the contract.
4. IBO PT GEMMA Korea is prohibited from submitting incorrect or exaggerated facts and conducting transaction activities using deceptive methods, both on price and quality of goods. In addition, it is not allowed to convey an individual's interpretation or opinion other than an official statement from the company.
5. IBO PT GEMMA Korea must notify the new applicants or IBO partners of PT GEMMA Korea on fees, such as subscription fees, sales items, the selling price of individual allocations, training fees, and so on.
6. IBO PT GEMMA Korea is prohibited from taking action against IBO without any reason related to incorrect use of credit card, etc. And does not insist on suspending goods for the purpose of receiving promotions or incentives. It is not permissible to grant the right to IBO to encourage, overburden, or intimidate such behavior.
7. IBO PT GEMMA Korea is not allowed to sell goods to other parties, such as supplying goods unilaterally without claiming and requesting payment.
8. IBO PT Gemma Korea is not allowed to force consumers who are not interested in purchasing goods, either by phone, fax or by computer.
9. IBO PT GEMMA Korea in recruiting members is not allowed to force by using social status or registering and selling non-real fake members, such as artist or public figure.
10. IBO PT GEMMA Korea is not allowed to impose training, camps, and so on to members of IBO who have joined.
11. IBO PT Gemma Korea is prohibited from engaging in financial transactions or being involved in making use of the company.
12. IBO PT Gemma Korea is not allowed to receive and use general money.
13. IBO PT Gemma Korea is not allowed to interfere with other business activities, such as blaming / offending other IBOs, moving to other companies, and so forth.
14. It is forbidden to change any form of line change, such as the establishment of a pre-existing organization, registration of line changes, and line change behavior.
15. Cooperating with other companies, jemma Korea IBO Co., Ltd., and others should not undermine company managerial policies, such as criticizing company management policies, or spreading misleading or false facts, and banned from IBO PT Gemma Korea Others to undermine the company's credibility and honor, such as criticizing company management policies, spreading false facts overload, and not disrupting public media advertisements without permission.

16. Does not interfere with or hinder the business within the company.
17. Using a personal savings account when enrolling into IBO. The Company will take disciplinary action if the savings account is used falsely.

These are the main points in IBO Management Regulations under Article 23    (Prohibited Measures) and laws. Make sure you comply with the above rules and contact the Head Office if there is a violation.