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Company Introduction

IBO Code of Conduct

IBO Code of Conduct

I as IBO PT GEMMA Korea promise to comply with the following matters.


1. Understand and Obey the Enforcement of the Regulation
Understand fully the content of the Regulatory Enforcement in carrying out the above marketing business, the IBO Code of Conduct, as well as other relevant regulations, and will work on the basis of those rules.


2. Maintain Honor and Dignity
As IBO realizes in the pride of the company's identity that we aim to serve and contribute to society through a mission to lead a new distribution culture. We will also try to be an example for others by applying properly a sincere and honest role model.


3. Understanding the Company's Marketing Plan and Clear Job Division
Understand that our marketing business is a business that requires discipline and effort that is worth the target to be achieved. In addition, understand the marketing plan (marketing plan) and product information so as not to disseminate the wrong concept in the sale. Lastly, it will strive to grow and always learn and practice.


4. Independent Sales Activities
Develop a rational and accurate self-regulated business plan to achieve your desired sales targets.


5. Prohibited Criticizing Competitor Products
Do not criticize the products of other companies or dismantle the secrets of rival companies and always maintain the credibility of PT GEMMA Korea company with the best and competitive products.


6. Consumer Satisfaction Guarantee
By reaching customer satisfaction through products that are sold and devoted to continuously respond to customer desires, we will not disappoint customers with the shadow of the good side of the product. In addition, if there are consumers who are not satisfied, it will be served in accordance with the quality of each product warranty and completed quickly and appropriately so that will not harm consumers.


7. Full Service After Sales
Providing full service to regular customers as a form of application of the basic principles in our marketing business centered on sustainable management and customer interest and based on trust to become a pioneer in recruiting new customers that are key to business growth.


8. Sincere Support
We will always develop our sales connections by providing guidance and education to the IBOs sincerely and responsibly.


9. Participate in Various Training and Activities
We will strive to develop our marketing quality by participating in various events and seminars organized by the headquarters and IBO group.


10. Comply with Applicable Rules and Regulations
We will run the project of this business in accordance with applicable state laws and regulations.


11. Sincere Pay Taxes
For the sake of business interests, we will always pay all taxes in accordance with the Republic of Korea taxation regulations.


12. Sanctions of IBO Abuses
We will accept the sanctions provided if we violate the rules set by the company.