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Company Introduction

Business Development Methods

Business Development Methods


Step 1: Gemma Korea is not a traditional network concept but a network in your life.
1. You must understand the network in your life being pursued by Gemma Korea.
2. Regarding Korean Gemma goods products, concentrate on being the best customer for Gemma Korea.
3. Before sending Gemma Korea products to others, you should experience Gemma  Korea's own products and feel the feeling of using the product.
4. After that, share your experience while using Gemma Korea products to everyone  you know and tell me about his success.
5. Get training on Gemma Korea products.


Step 2: Make a list for Gemma Korea's business
1. Make a list in the order of familial relations -> academic relations -> regional relations.
2. Make a list of everyone you know.
3. When creating a list, you should not have prejudice because you do not know who will be fit to enter the list.
4. Increase the number of your list by adding the names of people you meet everyday.
5. Find out who can work hard in Gemma Korea business.

 • Early retiree, shareholder
 • Distributor retail
 • Geriatric diseases
 • A self-employed entrepreneur in a recession
 • Employees of the medical business system (doctors, pharmacists, acupuncturists, dry cleaners, etc.



No Name Telephone Number Primary
Secondary Sector


Always note your expectations and remember them always. Your changes, what you want, what you want to do, record whatever you have in mind whatever it is and anytime.



Tanggal lsi Bidang Prioritas Keterangan


Step 3: Create an action plan for the Gemma Korea project


Annual Target
Date: __ __ ____

1. The reason I started business in Gemma Korea is.
2. I describe myself in the next 1 (a) year, have income ___________won and live in
   ________________________ with ____________________ (comfortable, easygoing, etc.) and
   have the freedom to __________________________ (shopping, etc.).
3. In reaching my 1 (one) year goal, I will achieve the position as __________________ in  Gemma Korea.


Purpose of the Annual Direct Recommendation

1. I will allocate as much time as _________hours a day to run Gemma Korea business.
   During that time, I will use as much as ____________jam (from activity time 70 - 80%)
   to find people who can participate in Gemma Korea business.
2. In the first month, I will invite __ people to become Gemma Korea member, and will make __ people have high spirit and commitment in Gemma Korea business.
3. In the first 6 months, I will invite __ people to become Gemma Korea member, and will make __ people have high spirit and commitment in Gemma Korea business.
4. In the first year, I will invite __ people to become Gemma Korea member, and will make __ people have high spirit and commitment in Gemma Korea business.
5. In reaching the target, I will focus on the plan to contact prospective customers as much as __ person in a day and __ person in a week.
 - Phone: To the person on the prospect list
 - Communicate: With people encountered in everyday life
 - Building connections: Through introductions, using groups, visiting unknown people, using business cards and flyers, etc.


Level 4: Makes a natural consensus with others about Gemma Korea's products.

1. Ensuring that Gemma Korea's products are sold not against a sales background, but rather toward natural ones.
2. Affirming that everyone can achieve satisfaction by living a healthy life with loved ones, and being offered the concept of discounted products for health and life.
3. Internet access to

Level 5: Keep in mind that Gemma Korea is a sponsored business.


1. Effective Sponsor Flowchart

Business motive Motivation to run business as a member of Gemma Korea
Distribution Direction Describe the flow of distribution and create consensus on current distribution problems and future distribution direction
Company Homepage of Korean Gemma and Sales Assistant Referrals
Product Explains how to use goods made with Korean jade material as well as effects, high quality, low price, and discounts via the website
Marketing Plan Emphasis on marketing plan incentives and differentiation
Plan Emphasizes on small capital, no branches, 100% returns, and convenience.
Finishing Together with pride, emphasizing financial freedom and time.
Experience We invite you to come to Gemma Korea Store and Gemmove Healing Center to find out more


2. Sponsorship Techniques
- Preparation: Prepare and practice the material with good pruning, pronunciation, and clothing.
- Attitude: Have an active attitude and a sense of confidence that is not excessive.
- Sponsorship Sponsorship: After getting to know the other side (nature, hobbies, health, business, etc.), distinguish between Gemma Korea's business prospects and consumers.
- Respect: Respect your opponent (current job, nature, etc.) and let him answer.
- Ethics: Tell us about Gemma Korea products calmly and gently.
- Business Value: Do not emphasize that Gemma Korea's income is derived from the efforts and thoughts of the other person, and do not take too much profit.


Level 6: Join the Gemma Korea Education Program for the Best Quality of Life and Successful Living.
1. Engage in all of Korea's Gemma business meetings and be a leader for your own meetings afterwards.
2. Have a meeting with the national center, shops, and Home Meeting.
3. Join the Gemma Korea Business Program.
- Business basics briefing sessions: companies, product groups, consumer security measures, marketing plans, vision, etc.
- One-day Seminar: Provide systems specific to qualitative and quantitative business development such as ideology, business development methods, how to set up an organization, etc. Which is definitely a company must achieve.
- Gemmove Healing Camp: The Heal-Being Program for a healthy life and mind, enhances the direction of life and interpersonal relationships, and brings unlimited power to everyone.
- Workshops: Provide life science formulas and provide programs for a happier life for businesspeople.
- Convention: Once a year, major corporate events, such as award awards and celebrations.
4. Share your vision and goals with other business partners with an open mind to continue to interact with them with an educational program.
5. Education is important, but reading for 30 minutes every day will bring about better change.