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Company Introduction

Philosophy of Compensation Plan

Compensation Plan Philosophy of Compensation Plan


bu_21.jpgLeader 20%
Changes in lifestyle by the global marketing system - the potential for established lifestyles and financial success.


Specialist 30%
Maximize revenue by adopting ROLL-UP copyright and extrusion systems between generations.


Distributor (IBO) 50%
Unlimited group sales from the BINARY member organization chart and continued earnings from the sales distance back to the previous IBO auto sales system.
- Variable revenues through for managers and store managers through direct, door- to-door, and store sales.


Consumer (random) 0%
Developed products based on the original technology patents that are competitive in the global market. Effects of good products at competitive prices

Nature of Compensation Plan

Ease, reality, profitability rationality, organizational management, experienced marketing, global marketing


Easy startup for anyone
Get started easily, fast progress, voluntary sales, high market competitiveness with patented products.


Provide equal opportunities for members
Fair compensation for business, rewards for veterans


Does not require excessive sales
Bonus payments are based on individual sales revenue.
Therefore, there is no burden for group sales and inventory.


The rapid development of salaries along with the continuous profits of salary The weekly marketing system gives you confidence through earned income.
With confidence can increase the spirit of achieving the level and ranking of work through prolonged activity.
The marketing salary seen by ranking achievements provides a stable life and the chance to be successful financially.


Hybrid compensation plan to maximize profits
In the era of globalization, adopting hybrid system, break-away, and copyright system that collaborated with hybrid.
The best global marketing that complements the shortcomings of each method and maximizes its benefits