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Gemma Korea

Introduction to CI / BI

Introduction (Branch) Gemma Korea CI


The Korean Gemma symbols that can be implicitly appear with certainty. The source of the gem, associated with the meaning of 'Gemma' meaning 'gem mother' and logo motto which is a sacred palace, symbolizing STRONG ENERGY peace and Gemma family of precious gems, and dreams of being reborn into the people Who are respected.



Furthermore, the large circle in the center is the earth and the six circles that surround it are the six continents that symbolize a constant radiance to the rest of the world like Gemma Korea to be established all over the world. Emphasizing reliability, professionalism, forward-going passion, intimacy, and honesty depicted through the 'dark blue' and 'light blue' gradations as well as the blend of 'black' and white used on the logo and plan to embed it as Gemma's corporate image.


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Introduction of Gemmove BI


Symbolizes a brand meaning that is environmentally friendly and born through nature and human



The gem healing clinic, 'Gemmove' which means 'gem movement', based on the Gemma family's awareness of 'cultural development of customer satisfaction', matches the meaning of honesty, faithfulness, love, precious joy like gems to customers around the world.

Color BI




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