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Gemma Korea

Opening speech


Dear Family Gemma Korea, we hereby welcome you.


Gemma Korea is a world without boundaries, a world where the new paradigm goes beyond the past, the 21st century business environment when workers are doomed and the latest revolution, the revolution in retail, begins. With new information technology, new distribution techniques, Gemma Korea was born to create a world-class global company that can do business as comfortable and as easy as at home.


Since the birth of the capitalist market economy, the world has become the center of the distribution of revolution that followed the productive revolution, the business revolution, and the information revolution. Network marketing was born to meet the expectations of a new marketing system in the 21st century, in addition to great internet shopping and store discounts.


Nevertheless, the condition of domestic distribution is still murky and conditions such as in pre-modern times continue to recur.


In this period, Gemma Korea looks at the current situation in Korea and combines old marketing techniques with new, world-class information technology to create an environment that can create a world of business. With the health and beauty motto, we will make Gemma Korea the foundation of success so that Gemma Korea family can realize a healthy, relaxed, and able to share, and become a resting place for you.


We will do our best to make all Gemma Korea family successful in Gemma Korea with the principle and advanced technology.


Gemma Korea aims to globalize!
Your dreams all start here.

Thank you

CEO PT. Gemma Korea, Lee U-jong